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Web Design Class C Tutorial 1

Web Design Class C Tutorial 1

*Instructions: Please write your answers in a piece of paper. Don’t forget to write our Name, our Class and Date.

1.  A URL is made up of several sections. Please choose the correct one:

a) protocol – host name – directory – domain name
b) protocol – domain name – file name – path name
c) protocol – domain name – name of site – file name
d) protocol – domain name – path name – file name

2. Match these web professionals with the final product they might be responsible for producing;

a. Graphic designer
b. Production department
c. Information designer
d. Web programmer

i. (X)HTML and CSS documents: Production Department
ii. PHP scripts: Web Programmer
iii. Photoshop page sketch: Graphic Designer
iv. Site diagram: Information Designer

3. Match the web technology with its appropriate task:

b. CSS
c. JavaScript
d. XML

i. Checks a form field for a valid entry: JavaScript
ii. Identifies text as a second-level heading: HTML and XHTML
iii. Defines a new markup language for sharing financial information: XML
iv. Makes all second-level headings blue: CCS

4. What are the differences between server and clients? 
  • Server is a main administration of an organization.
  • Clients is a used by the employee of the organization.

5. Please identify the following acronym:

b. URL
d. IP

i. The location of a web document or resource: URL
ii. Internet Protocol: IP
iii. Protocol for transferring web documents on the Internet: HTTP
iv. The markup language used for all web documents; HTML

6. Please list FOUR types of web browser which currently in use:
  • Flock
  • I.E (Internet Explore)
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox (Mozila)
  • Safari

7. Please list THREE examples of operating systems
  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Linux

8. Please choose the correct definition of INTERNET

a) INTERNET is written in (X)HTML. It may contain text, pictures, and other multimedia resources
b) INTERNET is a subset of information on the web page
c) INTERNET is a network of connected computers
d) INTERNET is involves the relationship between a server and clients.

9. What is the definition for PROTOCOL in computer terminology?

a) Standardized method for transmitting data and establishing communications between different devices

b) The official procedure governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions.
c) The established code of procedure in any organization.
d) is used by the Web to transfer information

10. Write the simple HTML codes of the following output:
Title: My Homepage
Content/Body: Hello World
(Hints: “Hello World” text is Bold and size 10)

<head><title>My Homepage</title></head>
<body><fontsize="10"><b>Hello Word</font></b>

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